Jamb CBT: Calling a Spade a Spade!


 There has been a great deal of complaints about the 2016 CBT. The complaints being that quite a few students did not pass the exams as expected. We live in a country where, unfortunately, students and their parents alike want the easy way out of everything: 
a) They would prefer handouts to copying notes.
b) They would prefer reading short notes to reading the full novel for an exam.

c) They would prefer to hire mercenaries to pass their exams.
d) They would much rather have someone do term papers and group assignments.

In trying to find the reason for the outcry on the past 2016 JAMB CBT two main reasons are deducible.
The first reason I deduce based on the complaints is that instructions, for the most part, were not followed. As with most exams, there are instructions and we need to adhere to them throughout theexam.
The advantage of the computer test is that with the computer what you input is what you get.
In other words, the test will not act contrary to what you ask it to do. Going further in these tests I
really advise we stick to the rules.

Secondly, and the saddest of all reasons is that we are upset that we cannot “fix” the tests. Therehave been quite a few owners of CBT centres and parents complaining bitterly. The truth is our children MUST read to pass. Why would JAMB be blamed? The syllabus is there; past questions arethere; your children’s schools or lessons are there so where is JAMB in all this.
The suspicion is that many of us did not know that: no student had the same sequence of questions.What candidate 100 had as his/her number 2 question could be candidate 090’s number 50 question.Light bulb moment… If you (hypothetically) decided to stand at candidate 001’s computer and start calling out the answers, there will be a total failure in the centre.
We right
tests for foreign schools and accept whatever result comes but here it is a different ball game. It is not a question of the marker drinking or falling asleep while marking your papers. Thecomputer marks your test and gives the score of what you filled.

We CANNOT manipulate in any way!
Other mitigating factors to good performance may be:
i. In most private schools, kids do not reach home till past
4 pm.
ii.There is still homework to be done after these long hours.
iii. Kids have no time and opportunity to really engage in extracurricular activities.
iv. Most kids have no long holidays as they are spent back in school.
The JAMB CBT is a step in the right direction. We need to give our support to this great innovation that is putting us into the present age.

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