Highlights of Fame & Luv™1, season 1, with pictures!


The 1st season of Fame & Luv™1 portrays the college life of four main people; Shewa, Lumi, Chichi and Aminu. Anyone who has passed through college understand how adventurous it can be.

The story of these four is made out of the usual experiences, with detail of what students face in college, especially in the view of relationship choices and personal affairs.


Shewa is a smart girl who comes from a humble background. She meets Chi-chi in school who is naïve about life and from a rich background.

Shewa and Chi-chi become very good friends and share a lot of experiences together. They create a very close relationship and this is where the story gradually unfolds…


Chi-chi and Aminu are high school lovers and unknown to Aminu, Chi-chi has been keeping a secret from him. Aminu thinks Chi-chi is still a virgin, and yes she was but she got deflowered by some random guy and kept pushing Aminu away whenever he wants to make love to her.

This was to keep him away from the truth but in long run, their love and relationship is shattered when the truth is revealed…


Lumi is always on Shewa’s case, he has been her number one toaster and since Shewa is a virgin, she tries to be cautious of the advances she gets from Lumi.

Lumi and Shewa eventually start dating but Shewa keeps a little distance because she isn’t ready for any commitment whereas Lumi wants more than just a college relationship.


There comes a party where Chi-chi gets drunk and Aminu and Shewa get entangled with each other and this triggered a feeling between them.

Shewa and Aminu decides to forget about their little ‘mistake’ and Shewa returns to Lumi but before long, these feelings explode in everyone’s face.

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